ARTC – ST144 – 4 year Refresher – Signals Safeworking NSW+Vic+SA (zoom assisted)

The ARTC–ST144 Refresher - Signals Safeworking course provides participants with the opportunity to update and REFRESH on their current ST144 certification. It re-covers the important knowledge on ARTC Signal Safeworking rules,  standards and procedures for work in NSW, SA, VIC and WA. This zoom assisted course is restricted to persons who are unable to attend classroom and seek remote trainer support. Students will work with a HRD Trainer via zoom while they complete all 5 modules online.

Please note HRD do provide a Classroom based ST144 delivery - however during VOVID restrictions this is the fasted mode and saves you time in travel costs and losing productivity off the job. 

This ST144 Refresher (zoom ) course is only for all personnel who can learn remotely.
Note: this mode of learning is not always successful. If you are unsure we recommend you take the HRD classroom learning environment option.

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Price: $990.00

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