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Construction Induction Red Card Changeover

Are you carrying a worn or tired Red Card? Do you need a Victorian White Card for work? HRD’s Red Card-White Card changeover service solves the problem!

Anyone with an existing Victorian Construction Induction ‘Red Card’ can update to the current ‘White Card’ with Red Card-White Card transfer service.

But you must provide a valid red card number for your application to be successfully processed. If you can’t provide that magic number, you’ll need to contact WorkSafe Victoria.

You’ll find application details on the Red Card Update page.

HRD wants to ensure that your application meets all the WorkSafe requirements. So don’t make your Red Card changeover purchase until you’ve spoken to HRD staff and been given the go-ahead.

Fee includes purchase fee of your white card to Worksafe Vic + a credit card charge of 2.9%

Price: $105.00

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