HRD Short Course – Std fee

The HRD Short Course is typically a 4-8 hour event where the trainee is attending HRD to:

  1. catch up on a course/module you missed
  2. study, summarise or review the topic previously learned
  3. refresher training of an existing skill.
  4. resit an assessment (theory or practical)

Payment Instructions - Short Course

  1. Use this product to pay for a short course, generally 4-8 hours.
  2. Make sure you have the date confirmed in which you are attending
  3. Ensure you state on this payment the module/course you are paying for.
  4. The fee will be the fee quoted (inc GST) + a 2.6% Credit card surcharge.

Note 1 - only select this product if you are currently enrolled.
Note 2 - the fee does not include the hire of a training facility

Price: $461.70

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