Rail Signal Test Assistant

Rail Signal Test Assistant Training

The Test Assistant course includes:

  1. Assist in the inspection of location cases – inspecting quality of workmanship and correct components
  2. Assist with the inspection of bonding plans and SAPs compared to actual install.
  3. Assist in the checking and confirmation an installation is complete
  4. Assist with the testing of power supplies
  5. Assist with testing of track circuit function.
  6. Assist with the testing of points mechanisms and associated circuits.
  7. Assist with testing of signal heads, train protection and associated equipment.
  8. Assist with the testing of signal control circuits in location cases, (excluding strap and function tests).
  9. Assist with the testing of wiring: including wire count, null count and continuity (Bell)
  10. Assist with the testing of cables: including continuity, insulation test and polarity

The training is largely hands on using simulated rail signal equipment working with a tester, in a training facility.

Duration: 3 days

This training can also be shortened to a 1 or a 2 day course by selecting parts of the outcomes above.

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Price: $1,440.00

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