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Before you apply

Do you really need an RIW card?

There's a cost to getting an RIW card. And if you're looking for work, there's no guarantee that an RIW card will help your chances of employment. It may be better to invest in upskilling yourself instead.

Currently employed?

Talk to your employer or contractor about getting your RIW card.

Or you can ask HRD how we can help you get one.

Working as a contractor?

… but don’t have the time or resources to manage RIW cards for you and your employees or subcontractors?

HRD can help you manage your RIW needs.

Looking for work?

HRD can help you get your RIW card and keep it current.

(You cannot otherwise be part of the RIW system unless you have an ABN and have a business in rail.)

Caution: an RIW card is no guarantee of employment. It may cost you up to $100 for the card/100 point check and $150 for HRD to administer the application process. Plus ongoing maintenance costs.

You may want to consider getting some basic rail skills instead.

Download and read the Information for Applicants
Information for RIW Card Applicants

IMPORTANT. Save yourself heartache. Don’t use the “when it doesn’t work, read the instructions theory”. Read the instructions first.

Complete the RIW Card Application Form
RIW Application Form

Complete, sign and send the application form to HRD electronically – no need to print.

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IMPORTANT. Do NOT pay until your application is approved by HRD.

RIW Card Transfer Form
RIW card transfer form

Use this form to transfer management of your RIW Card from another organisation to HRD.

RIW card support for contractors

Applying for and managing Rail Industry Worker cards can be time consuming and confusing.

HRD Integrated Services can assist individual contractors and small companies to obtain an RIW card and help contractors maintain the currency of cards for themselves or for their employees.

About the Rail Industry Worker system

Legislation requires that all workers carrying out rail safety work are competent in their role.

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has endorsed the RIW program as a national competency management system for those working in rail.

A valid RIW card links into this system and provides access to an individual’s competency record.

You can find out more about the rail industry worker program at riw.net.au

Contractor responsibilities

If you’re working on rail infrastructure you are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the competencies you hold are valid and current for the work you do
  • only doing work in the job roles listed on your RIW card
  • maintaining the currency of your RIW card.

HRD Integrated Services can help small companies or individuals with limited time and resources to:

  • make RIW card applications
  • manage card and competency currency.

Registering on the RIW system

Registering on the Rail Industry Worker system is the first step in obtaining a RIW card.

You need a 100 point identity check, then you must meet rail operator evidence requirements. If you’re not currently employed in rail, HRD helps you initiate this 100 point check.

For most Rail Operators the minimum requirements for obtaining a RIW card are:

  • TLIF2080/A/B/C Safely Access the Rail Corridor
  • a Construction Induction card
  • a satisfactory medical assessment (Category 3 is the minimum).

NOTE: When booking a medical make sure you ask for a drug and alcohol screen. Many roles and operators require both.

Full RIW compliance requires that you identify your job role and upload evidence of your competence for that role.

Individuals without an ABN or a legitimate role in rail safety work cannot access the RIW system. The support of an organisation with access is required.

Rail operator roles

Rail operators provide matrices that guide you in what’s required to demonstrate competence in your role.

These operators include:

(Click on an operator to view a rail safety worker job role matrix.)

More information

Need more information or want to discuss how HRD can help you or your company with an RIW Card application?

Contact admin@hrdi.com.au or call Darryl McInerney 0419 880 443 to arrange an appointment to review your needs.