Update your construction industry induction red card to the current white card

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A Two Step Process ...

Step 1

Download and read the Information for Applicants

Red Card Update Information for Applicants

The fee for this service is $95


Save yourself heartache. Don’t use the “when it doesn’t work, read the instructions, theory”. Read the Information for Applicants first.

HRD Red Card Update to White Card Service

Red Card looking a bit worn, faded or tired? Get a Red Card update to the White Card today.

HRD Integrated Services Red Card transfer offers Victorian ‘Red Card’ holders an update service to the Construction Industry White Card. The HRD Red Card-White Card update service is a straightforward way of obtaining the current White Card in a few easy steps.

A Red Card is still valid evidence of OHS/WHS training. It should continue to be accepted by employers. But you can choose to update your card – just provide either your Red Card number or a Statement of Attainment (with a number) to confirm that you completed the training in the past.

You’ll also need to provide personal identification (typically a driver’s licence).

WorkSafe recognised

The HRD Red Card update process conforms to WorkSafe Victoria requirements. The White Card is issued by WorkSafe once the conditions of issue are met.

The Red Card update service is only available to personnel who hold a Victorian Red Card. New entrants might need the Construction Induction (White Card) Course.

Need more information? Contact HRD administration. Phone 9397 5959 or email admin@hrdi.com.au.

Step 2

Complete the Red Card-White Card Update Application Form

Red Card Update Application Form

Download, complete, sign and send the form to HRD electronically – no need to print.

For best performance if you’re using:
  • Chrome, convert the browser version to a PDF
  • Firefox, open in a different (PDF) viewer
  • IE 11 / Edge – use Acrobat Reader DC (or X ) as your default viewer

NOTE: This is a fillable PDF form. For best results and to fill-in the form on screen download and open the form in Adobe Reader DC.


Do NOT pay until your application is given the okay by HRD administration.