Rail infrastructure assessment

  • Rail infrastructure (grinder)
  • Rail infrastructure (track worker)
  • Rail infrastructure (thermit welder)

Rail Infrastructure Competency Assessment

Workers employed in a rail track construction or maintenance role can gain the qualification they need by undertaking on-the-job skills recognition assessment and/or RPL assessment.

Australian rail operator compliance matrices commonly require that contractors or employees are qualified for their role. Some roles may require a full qualification, while many job functions need only competence in selected units of competency.

HRD Integrated Services offers the Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure to existing workers performing rail construction and maintenance roles and whose role specialises in track work.

The Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure is for workers in a construction or maintenance role whose job involves supervising the work of others.

You can choose the units of competency that are essential to a work role and, once assessed competent, add these to your Rail Industry Worker profile.