HRD fees and charges

Document retention and results release

Advice for learners and employers

There are limitations on access to archived assessment records and protocols for the release of a learner's results.

About HRD fees and charges

Generally HRD only accepts enrolments that are made with the support of an employer. Therefore course fees and administrative charges are typically made to the employer on invoice.

For some courses HRD may accept individual enrolments. Typically, individuals are required to pay on the day training commences, or before.

Course fees

Course fees may differ according to factors such as the type of training provided, resource and material requirements, and the number of learners in a group.

Trading terms and invoicing arrangements will be discussed with the employer prior to enrolment being accepted.

A quote for services is provided to employers for acceptance prior to the commencement of training.

Individual enrolment – rail signalling

To participate in training in rail signal maintenance, mechanical signalling, rail infrastructure wiring or high voltage operations you need access to rail infrastructure. Generally this also requires employer support for your enrolment. Employers are assumed to be directly involved in the rail infrastructure activity for which you’re training.

Only in exceptional circumstances does HRD accept enrolment from individuals, who must be able to confirm that a) they have their employer’s approval and support and b) are employed in a relevant signalling installation or maintenance role.

Issuing certificates and statements of attainment

A nationally recognised certificate or statement of attainment is issued once competency is achieved and course requirements are met for nationally recognised training.

A certificate of completion is issued for non-accredited training.

There is no charge for a testamur and statement of results issued on completion of training.

However, a request for re-issuing a certificate or statement of attainment, or for issuing a duplicate testamur will incur an administrative charge. Refer to the HRD Checkout for the current cost of this service.

If an historical results search is requested to confirm course completion and results, a charge of $75 applies.