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Learners MUST hold the UEE30820 qualification or its equivalent before the Certificate IV can be issued.

In addition, HRD requires that learners undertaking the UEE41220 Certificate IV in Electrical-Rail Signalling are currently employed in rail signalling (either as an apprentice or as a trainee).

  • Apprentices will be completing the UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Electrician) electrical trade qualification and typically begin undertaking the rail signalling qualification on finishing the first year of their apprenticeship.
  • Trainees are already qualified as electricians and enter directly into UEE41220 training with HRD Integrated Services.

Existing employment in rail signalling ensures that participants have access to essential infrastructure.


Training is typically delivered in 5 day blocks, 4-6 weeks apart.

An apprentice can complete the UEE41211 qualification in 3-5 years.

Trainees can expect to complete the qualification in 2 years.

Course duration includes workplace practical assessments that occur over the final 3 months of the course.


A typical technical training module is assessed by a research assignment, written theory test and at least two workplace practical assessments.


Recognition of Prior Learning is available.

Evidence portfolio must be supported by a practical demonstration of knowledge and skills.


The Certificate IV in Electrical-Rail Signalling is a nationally recognised qualification.


Because learners must already be employed in a rail signalling role, it’s expected that your employer will meet all course costs.

Subsidised training is not available.

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To enrol in the Certificate IV in Electrical-Rail Signalling you must:

  1. be employed by a rail operator or a rail infrastructure contractor in a rail signalling role (ie as a trainee or an apprentice); OR
  2. work in rail in a job role that will allow you access to signalling equipment; and
  3. have the support of your employer to attend classes and practise skills in the workplace.

Access to rail network signalling equipment and infrastructure is essential to be able to:

  • apply and consolidate knowledge and skills learned
  • undertake workplace practical assessment.

HRD provides the training, but not the full range of equipment you work on.

HRD does not provide information about employment opportunities or job vacancies.

Contact rail operators or construction contractors directly about employment in rail signalling.

Rail Signal Technician Training

Before enquiring about the Certificate IV

Before you contact HRD Integrated Services asking about your eligibility for the Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling course, be aware that:
  • Employer support is essential, as you must be able to access to rail signalling infrastructure. Typically course participants are about to start employment in a rail signalling role, or are already working in signalling, or have their employer’s approval.
  • The Certificate IV is NOT offered online or by distance education.
  • Funding is not available for the course.
More information about entry conditions is available on the Rail Signalling Training page.

HRD Integrated Services offers training leading to the Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling

UEE41220 Certificate IV in Electrical—Rail Signalling

The UEE41220 Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling is the essential qualification for those wishing to work as a rail signalling technician or maintainer on the Australian rail network.

HRD offers training appropriate to each state rail network. Apprentices and electricians working with construction and testing companies can use this qualification as a basis for gaining employment as a rail signal installer or maintainer in another state or territory.

Successful completion of the UEE30820 Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician (or equivalent), with rail signalling electives, is an essential prerequisite to completing the Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling.

About Course delivery

On commencing the Certificate IV, participants undertake four essential industry specialisation units from the Certificate IV core, before progressing to the remaining core technical units and electives.

Industry specialisation units

Referred to as “the wiring units”, the following four industry specialisation elective units are delivered as part of an introduction to rail signalling systems.

  • UEERS0001 Assemble and wire internal electrical signalling equipment
  • UEERS0011 Install and maintain rail track circuit leads and bonds
  • UEERS0019 Test copper rail signalling cables
  • UEERS0017 Repair rail signalling power and control cables

Core units

Three generic core units are integrated into delivery of technical units.

  • UEECD0027 Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
  • NEECD0024 Implement and monitor energy sector WHS policies and procedures
  • UEECD0015 Implement and monitor energy sector environmental policies and procedures

The following units for the technical core of the Certificate IV qualification.

  • UEERS0010 Install and maintain rail signalling power supplies
  • UEERS0005 Install and maintain active level crossing equipment
  • UEERS0009 Install and maintain power operated point actuating devices
  • UEERS0013 Install and maintain train detection equipment
  • UEERS0012 Install and maintain trackside signal and train protection equipment
  • UEERS0014 Install and maintain vital relay interlocking systems
  • UEERS0004 Find and repair rail signalling system faults

Rail signalling electives

HRD recommends that the following units of competency are undertaken to complete qualification requirements:
  • UEERS0008 Install and maintain non-vital telemetry systems
  • UEERS0006 Install and maintain computer-based interlocking rail systems

Additional electives

Employers may find it beneficial to have learners complete the following additional elective units:
  • UEECS0003 Assemble, set up and test computing devices
  • UEECS0022 Install and configure a client computer operating system and software
  • UEECS0029 Set up and configure basic local area network

Full details of the Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling can be found at the training.gov.au website.

Training for apprentices

Training is offered to apprentices when the first six months of the first year Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician studies have been completed.

Training for the Certificate IV occurs concurrently with the apprentice’s electrical trade training and generally concludes at the end of an apprentice’s fourth year.

Training for qualified electricians

A fast track program is available for trainees who currently hold the Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician trade qualification or equivalent (unrestricted or ‘A Class’ electrical licence).

Prerequisite qualification requirements

It’s important to be aware that evidence of a valid electrical trade qualification is an essential requirement of Certificate IV training. The Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling qualification cannot be issued without either a current Australian unrestricted electrical licence, or a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician or equivalent.

Refer to the Trade qualifications as RPL evidence page for more information or contact HRD for further advice.

Course duration

UEE41220 Certificate IV training is typically offered as HRD training modules in 5 day block release, 4-6 weeks apart. Training modules are delivered to build learner knowledge and skills sequentially.

Participants in the apprentice program can expect to complete their training in a maximum of 4 years, including a 3 month period of workplace practice and workplace practical assessment.

Qualified electricians in the trainee program typically complete their training and assessment in 2 years and 3 months.


Learners typically complete a research assignment, theory test and a number of workplace practical assessments for each training module undertaken.

Theory work requirements must be met before undertaking workplace practical assessment.

A minimum 70% pass mark applies to most assessment tasks. Mandatory safety-critical requirements must be met as a part of demonstrating competence.

Course availability

The Certificate IV in Electrical–Rail Signalling course is offered on a needs basis so start dates and group sizes vary according to industry demand.

Training is provided at the Rail AcademyNewport or at an interstate site that provides access to essential infrastructure.