Learner performance and progress

HRD Learner performance and progress policy

Both HRD and its employer clients have performance and progress expectations of learners undertaking rail signalling training or training in rail infrastructure or high voltage.


Learners enrolled in a certificate course are expected to complete their training and assessment by the nominated or agreed finish date. You will be permitted to extend beyond that finish date only in extenuating (special) circumstances and only for a limited time.

Learners must complete any prerequisite requirements to be eligible for a range of HRD training programs, learning modules or short courses. If you don’t hold the prerequisites, HRD may determine that you’re not eligible to undertake the course.

It’s also a general training requirement that theory work is submitted on time and successfully completed before a learner can progress to workplace assessment (as the final determinant of competence).

  • For learners undertaking a certificate course (eg, the Certificate IV in Electrical – Rail Signalling), HRD has ‘checkpoint’ dates – dates at the mid-point of the year and in December by which time you must have completed and submitted your theory assessments. Any need for an extension will be discussed with your employer.
  • If you’re undertaking a short course with theory requirements, you’ll be advised of any checkpoint targets  you need to meet.

The HRD–Learner progress policy provides detailed information about progress requirements.


Learners are regarded as ‘at risk’ of poor performance or non-performance if they are unable to meet these conditions, or if they are in breach of the HRD–Access, equity and conduct policy or the HRD–Cheating and plagiarism policy and procedure. At risk learners are informed of their status and their employer is contacted.

However, HRD also understands that learners may face performance issues for different reasons and will work with the learner and their employer to develop appropriate responses to address these issues.

The HRD Learner performance policy describes performance expectations and suggested responses to poor performance or non-performance.

About learner perfomance

Who does the Learner performance policy apply to?

The HRD-Learner performance policy has particular application to people enrolled in the Certificate IV in Electrical-Rail Signalling but also applies to all other learners. Read the policy summary ...