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Obtaining your qualification

Document retention and results release

Advice for learners and employers

There are limitations on access to archived assessment records and protocols for the release of a learner's results.

You don’t need to formally apply to HRD Integrated Services to receive your qualification. We’ll generate it for you once you’ve met all course requirements.

However, there are some things you need to know about, particularly if you have to provide us with documents so that your qualification can be issued.

Nationally recognised (AQF) qualifications and statements of attainment

Eligible learners or assessment candidates who demonstrate competence in an accredited course, a qualification or unit(s) of competency on HRD Integrated Services’ scope of registration are eligible to receive a Qualification or Statement of Attainment.

Generally, an award is issued within 30 days of confirmation of a learner’s eligibility provided that:

  • all assessment requirements have been met
  • you provide a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • where credit transfer applies, records confirming completion of a qualification or unit(s) of competency are received by HRD
  • there are no outstanding fees or monies owing to HRD.
Document requirements

A Qualification (or Statement of Attainment) cannot be awarded unless the learner provides evidence of meeting any pre-requisite requirements or, for credit transfer, of having demonstrated competence in the credit transfer unit(s).

If you’re presenting documents from another RTO as evidence, the documents must carry the organisation letterhead and an authorised signature. The documents must also provide sufficient clear, detailed or doubt-free confirmation that all requirements of the qualification being sought have been met.

The following are examples of acceptable documents:

  • a valid testamur, certificate or statement(s) of attainment (or valid copy)
  • a Statement of Results on official letterhead, (preferably) signed by an authorised signatory
  • an ‘A Class’ (or interstate equivalent) unrestricted electrical licence (for learners enrolled in the Certificate IV in Electrical – Rail Signalling and who need to confirm that they’ve completed the Certificate III trade qualification)
  • an official document from an RTO which confirms that the learner has (a) completed any required units of competency by name and/or code and/or (b) has met any other qualification or pre-requisite requirements.

The following are not regarded as suitable for confirming that a person has met all the conditions of a qualification, a skill set or a unit of competency:

  • a general statement or advice (formal or otherwise) from an RTO or registering body that you have completed an apprenticeship
  • a letter  (or similar) from an RTO to a licensing body advising that a person is eligible to apply for a licence
  • a letter (or similar) from an RTO faculty or department to another party advising that a person has completed a course, qualification or unit of competency.

These requirements may seem rather strict or restrictive, but it’s important to understand that HRD Integrated Services must have complete confidence in the authenticity and relevance of any external documents that contribute to an award it issues.

Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Attendance – non-accredited training

HRD Integrated Services issues a Certificate of Completion to learners who complete the requirements of a non-accredited/customised course and who satisfactorily complete a knowledge and/or skills assessment.

A Certificate of Attendance is issued for completing training that does not include knowledge and/or skills assessment.