Rail high voltage

Rail High Voltage Training

Rail-specific high voltage (HV) training is essential for signalling staff seeking the MetroTrains Melbourne (MTM) HV switching accreditation and for those employees who require an awareness level of high voltage dangers and in-service systems.

Training includes system specific switchgear and aligns with the Victorian Electrical Safety Rules.

HRD's rail HV training is industry-specific and doesn't provide for general application outside the Melbourne metropolitan rail system. Participants in HRD's rail HV training must be employed by a rail infrastructure company and/or have a background in rail.

High Voltage Authorised officer S1 and HV Authorised Officer S2 training is available for employees involved in switching. Both courses have pre-requisites.

High Voltage Authorised Officer S3 training can also be provided if there is sufficient demand.

HV Competent Person training is available for staff supporting switching operations.

HRD also offers a HV Awareness course for employees in rail who may be exposed to HV apparatus.