Privacy statement

HRD Privacy statement

HRD Integrated Services respects the privacy rights of individuals (staff, learners and customers) to security, privacy and service with regard to the personal information they supply to HRD and data gathered in relation to training.

Collection of information

HRD only collects information from you that's relevant to your training and assessment activities or as part of a regulatory requirement. At the time of collection HRD will make evry effort to explain why the information is requested, how and why the information is used and parties with whom this information may be shared.

Privacy considerations are explained to learners at induction. Information will also be provided about individual rights to access and correct information.

Information and data is processed in order to meet HRD's VET system reporting obligations, for VET research and to meet any obligations to funding bodies. The individual needs of our staff, learners and customers is respected and data gathered is held securely to prevent any security breaches.

There may also be requirements related to accessing the rail network or infrastructure, or for other licensing/regulatory reasons.

Use and disclosure

HRD Integrated Services makes every effort to comply with the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy and will not divulge any personal information to a third party for any reason other than:

  • for the primary purpose for its collection (that is, for training-related activities and for authorised reporting and research purposes)
  • to a person's employer where the employer has paid for training
  • with the consent of the individual
  • as required by law
  • for reasons related to accessing the rail network (eg Rail Industry Worker card) or for other licensing/regulatory reasons (eg construction industry induction card).

Data quality and security

HRD Integrated Services makes every reasonable effort to ensure the information collected is complete, accurate and current. However, individuals have a responsibility to help ensure the currency of that data.

HRD Integrated Services takes all reasonable steps to ensure that information is protected from misuse, or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Information not required will be destroyed or de-identified in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Access and correction

When requested, HRD Integrated Services will endeavour to provide its staff and customers with full and complete details of their personal information. Wherever practicable staff, learners and customers will be given access to their personal information in a reasonable time from request.

Should you determine that personal details about you are incorrect, you must make a written application to have the personal information reviewed and corrected.


If you feel that HRD Integrated Services is in breach of the Australian Privacy Principles or the National VET Data Policy, you should follow the HRD complaints and appeals process to lodge a complaint. Complaints can be formal or informal.