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Entry into the HRD–ARTC Working in Live Locations course is open to personnel who need to know ARTC communication protocols and duty of care requirements in order to access live ARTC signalling locations.

Learning for this course is via online learning modules. Access to a reliable computer and internet connection is essential.


A typical WiLL training module is assessed by a online quizzes and a multiple choice theory test.


RPL does not apply to this course and is not offered.


Training typically occurs over 2–6 hours, with additional time for preliminary online induction and introductory coursework.


The HRD–ARTC Working in Live Locations course is non-accredited training. A Certificate of Completion is issued upon successfully meeting course requirements.


Because learners must already be employed in a rail infrastructure construction, maintenance, project or graduate role, it’s expected that the employer will meet course costs. Go to the HRD Products Page for pricing.

Subsidised training is not available.

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Working Safely in Live Rail Signal Locations

Working Safely in Live Signal Locations (WiLL) is the ARTC training course for people with limited signalling knowledge who are required to access live ARTC signalling locations to carry out their work.

Working safely in live rail signal locations training addresses ARTC protocols and is also an essential prerequisite for obtaining an ARTC Signalling Statement of Competency (SoC) for work carried out in live locations.

The Working Safely in Live Rail Signal Locations course satisfies Rail Industry Worker competency matrix requirements.

Training introduces staff and contractors to the communication protocols and duty of care requirements for working ON or NEAR the ARTC rail signalling system.

Irrespective of your work history or experience there are no exemptions. ARTC requires all staff and contractors to attend and be assessed.