SMT Training Certificate

HRD has received a number of requests where individuals are required to submit as part of their (RIW) SoC application ... for the role of SMT/Signal Electrician. SoC Assessors are now asking for proof of attending signal equipment training.

At the time of graduation HRD students were issued with either:

  • 21730VIC Rail & Tram Signal System training (2004- 2012) or
  • UEE41211 Cert IV in Electrical Rail Signal training (2012-2019).

Students who have attended the Cert IV rail signalling training can now request a SMT training certificate. This certificate will show all the equipment types which was included throughout the two year period.

The fee allows for HRD Admin staff to reopen the applicant's training history and results, then verify the types of equipment available at the date of training. HRD Admin will print a certificate matching the correct equipment types.

Please allow 3-4 days to compile the information.

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Price: $85.00

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