543B Inspect Test Certify Rail Signal Equipment (Verify)

543B Inspect Test Certify Rail Signal Equipment (Verify)

Event Phone: 0419889189

  • October 30, 2023 - November 3, 2023
    7:30 am - 3:30 pm

543B. Inspect, Test Certify (Verify) Rail Signal Equipment

Duration: 5 Days

Mon 30/10 + Tue 31/10 + Wed 01/11 + Thu 02/11 + Fri 03/11

This training module provides participants with the knowledge and skills to test and certify rail signal systems control and indication circuits and equipment installation in accordance with industry testing standards.

It is expected that Signal Tester participants will successfully complete the Inspect, Test & Certify course in 40 hours, supported by self directed study and completion of practical exercise in the workplace.


Upon completion of the Inspect, Test & Certify training, participants will:

  • Identify and explain the purpose of a test plan
  • Prepare to test signal equipment
  • Explain the purpose of an inspection and quality test
  • Explain the purpose of a continuity test
  • Explain the purpose of an insulation test
  • Explain the purpose of a wire count
  • Explain the purpose of a null count
  • Find and isolate equipment faults
  • Report equipment faults to appropriate support personnel
  • Complete appropriate test documentation
  • Notify appropriate staff of completion of testing

During the training participants will conduct a range of tests associated with partially completing C/TC forms: C/TC-3 ; C/TC-4 ; C/TC-5 ; C/TC-6; C/TC-7  &  7A ; C/TC-8; C/TC-9 & 9A; C/TC-10; C/TC-11A

Note: This module does not provide the skills for Strap and Function testing.

Fee:  $3000.00 + GST


Venue Website:

Shea Street, Newport, Victoria, Australia


What to bring:  Hi Viz Vest + Safety Boots + Pen + Lunch

On Arrival:  Check in using the Service Victoria COVID  QR code and also the RAN Induction QR code.

Check out the Room Allocation Notice Board and see which room number you need to go to

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